18 August 2009

Reality Check

So here I am in my little mommy world. I think all is normal until I share with friends some of my daily Super Mom duties.

  • Up at 0600 to feed, dress, nurture... whatever.
  • Cleaning poop covered baby in a single bound.... I mean bath.

Apparently -- this is icky to other people (the poopy part). After reading the poopy entry below one friend said "I can never be a mom -- I can't handle the truth" another compared my daughter to her guinee pig (totally in jest).

I am grateful to my friends who are not yet blessed with munchkins. They keep the day to day work of mommy world in check. I thought everyone dealt with poop, screaming, feeding.... etc all day everyday. It is their outside observations that keep me going sometimes. They help me laugh at my current role -- and keep me from getting to serious about the ups and downs of motherhood.

Tell another Mom about poop on the walls -- and she'll one up you with poop in the mouth. Tell a not-a-mom-YET and she'll agree that poop is nasty and you are the HERO for cleaning it up all by yourself and not calling a hazmat team!

Tell another Mom about not sleeping -- she'll tell you she didn't sleep for 8 weeks after Baby Perfect was born. Tell a not-a-mom-YET and she'll bring over a bottle of wine help you drink it, tell you -- you deserve a pedicure and watch GROWN UP TV with you.

Don't get me wrong, other Moms get it, but sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own kids that we forget that our Mommy Friends need to get it out without hearing "Oh yeah -- well little Johnny bla bla bla"...

Thank you not-a-mom-YET friends for just being there! For being MY friend -- and letting me get it out!

Oh, and yes POOP is disgusting


16 August 2009

One Moment - Can Change Everything

I wake up in a euphoric state. The sun is shining, Byron Duke and Lukey have decided its a good day to make a snuggle-sandwich with mommy... the only thing missing from my happy little moment is Byron -- but that will be fixed in time

Once the boys get bored and head to the playroom I get up, wash my face & brush my teeth (this is a GOOD start for me -- usually one or both of these rituals is sacrificed for a child). Thinking Kadence is still sleeping I head toward the kitchen to make some coffee. Then I hear my little girl's good morning squeal and about-face for the nursery.

That's when it hits me...

the smell... the image... the horror!

There she stands, my beautiful baby girl, with no diaper on her bum and a shit-eatin' grin on her face -- literally.


15 August 2009

A look in th mirror

Between my husband's deployment, three kids, the Army Reserve, 2 classes, going to the gym, cleaning the house -- oh and let's not forget the dog... I had way too much spare time so why not start a blog?

People often look at me as a Military wife and mother -- they say "you're soooo strong" or "I don't know how you do it" I just shrug it off and smile. I don't see what they do. I see it, my life, as a pretty simple one. I am married to an honorable man who works hard and takes care of us. We are blessed to know he has job security -- and a paycheck every two weeks. We have enough money to buy the things we need and we are content to wait for the things we want. We may be separated at times by geography, but we stay connected in every way possible.

I look at my friends and I see strength. Many are dealing with divorce, unemployment, family strife or illness. I feel like they are strong. I feel like I live in a bubble and they are in the "real world". My friend, Sarah G., always has a kind word and a smile (over the phone). She's going through a tough spot, but she keeps a level head. My sister in law is struggling through a divorce and custody battle, but still fulfills her duties to the Air Force and her daughter. My mother and sister are respected professionals and have been working in their field for a long time. My Aunt Olive fights Parkinson’s Disease with grace and humor. My Aunt Holiday steps up once again to support the household with her medical practice.

You see strength in me? Why? I get up, play with my kids, read some books, write some letters and take it one day at a time. I'm not on anyone else’s schedule and only have myself to answer to. So if you see strength in me -- it is more than likely a reflection of you!