26 November 2009

The Turkey Rule

I am truly blessed. I have a set of in laws who are welcoming, funny, humble and fiercely loyal.

Having said that I am totally gonna sell out my mother in law and tell you ALL how she dropped the ball - and not just any ball this one has wings.

Kim, (my mamma in law) uses this really great method to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. You fill the turkey with root vegetables and then surround it with brown paper bags. (confused? so was I check the link).

Well, the morning started nicely. The men were outside playing with weapons and BBQ grills. Kim and I ran around the kitchen doing prep work, cutting veggies and potatoes. She set the oven and got the bird going. As time passed the house filled with the aromas of the holiday. Potatoes were mashed, pies were made, dressing was prepared. It seemed like forever and then it was the moment of truth... the turkey was ready.

Kim opened the oven and pulled the centerpiece out. All around the room people drew in their breath as the beautiful turkey appeared. We all got a great look at it as it sailed through the air with grace and skidded to the floor like a jumbo jet liner heading into JFK.

At first we all stared mouths gaping but as reality sank in, the star of the show was laying in a heap on the ground, we took action to rescue the day. Heavy guns (a.k.a. my husband) were called in to lift the bird and replace it on a roasting pan. The bird was placed back in the oven to recover and brown for final presentation at the table. The floors were mopped and horror was replaced by humor and understanding.

Fortunately for all of us since Kim uses the brown bag cooking method the bird never actually came into contact with the floor. The only casualties were the pan drippings and a wing lost due to the collision.

Turkey Day? 100% a success and a story that we will share and enjoy for years to come. Although instead of the 5 second rule -- we now call it "the turkey rule"!
(p.s. Kim is a great hostess and she kept her calm during an event which would have crushed a less seasoned holiday hostess with the mostest! She took it with a grin and laughed off the what could have been a turkey tragedy)



  1. i think you have your mama in law to thank because no matter what i try my turkey never turns out to be good that is why i am never in charge of thanksgiving food. say thanks to her from me too