26 December 2009

Living Up to the Standard

It makes me laugh... when people call me "Super Mom" in my mind Super Mom has it all together, never breaks a sweat and is the image of style (in a hot mom way).

I am none of these things. I thank God that I have a two story home -- which allows me to host friends without having to hide the 3-5 loads of laundry waiting for my attention. I can have two dirty bathrooms and one left to welcome my guests. My car is a disgrace and only the very close or very brave are offered a ride, and if you think for a moment that I am the image of fashion ummm... yeah. I am wearing flannel pajama pants and my hair is in a bun.

Is it really about meeting a standard or living up to what other people think you should do? At the end of the day when you look in the mirror is your reflection looking back at a liar? Are you living your life as a fiction story - or is your's a story with nothing hiding between the lines?

bla bla bla... my point? Be who you are - don't hide, don't try to be someone else.... be YOU and do not pretend to be anything other than that. When you muddy the waters of your identity you do not allow people to invest in the person you are. They love and admire an illusion -- when the smoke clears there is discontent, confusion and pain.

So, am I a super mom? No. I am a woman who survives day to day and does my best to make it work. When people come to my home I clean like crazy, and slap on some make-up. Wanna see chaos? Come to my house at 0900 when I am trying to get the kids out the door for Pre-school, show up 10 minutes before dinner is supposed to be on the table. I scream, yell, cry -- and lose my cool.

but at the end of the day -- I see who everyone else sees looking back from the mirror. There is no confusion, no question... no wondering if I can keep it up or what people think of me.

Just my thoughts on today - take 'em or leave 'em. Oh, and go look in the mirror.


17 December 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Welll, I am pretty simple really. For Christmas, on one hand I like things that sparkle and on the other hand I like Diamonds. Oh wait... sorry that just slipped out.

Today I was using the bathroom and like most moms I wasn't alone. ((this is a joy of motherhood you always have a potty buddy)). Our three year old, Luke, is in the final stages of potty training. He is very interested in what everyone else is doing in there and wants to SEE the results of your efforts -- he's not weird he knows that he gets ice cream for #2's and he wants to share that secret with you.

Aaaaanyway, today he walks in and says "Mamma wha you pecker?"
I say, "I don't have one baby, I'm a lady."
He replies, "Ahh Mamma (very sad), you la you pecker?"
I inform him "No baby I didn't lose it, I never had one"
He says, "Oh, Mamma." and gives me his sad puppy dog face.

He walks out of the bathroom for about 3 seconds then RACES BACK IN!

"Mamma, Mamma!! I buy lou pecker for Frissmass!"

"You're going to buy me a pecker for Christmas?"

"Uh Haaa! A grrreat greeeaaaat BIG ONE"

Lucky me!