17 December 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Welll, I am pretty simple really. For Christmas, on one hand I like things that sparkle and on the other hand I like Diamonds. Oh wait... sorry that just slipped out.

Today I was using the bathroom and like most moms I wasn't alone. ((this is a joy of motherhood you always have a potty buddy)). Our three year old, Luke, is in the final stages of potty training. He is very interested in what everyone else is doing in there and wants to SEE the results of your efforts -- he's not weird he knows that he gets ice cream for #2's and he wants to share that secret with you.

Aaaaanyway, today he walks in and says "Mamma wha you pecker?"
I say, "I don't have one baby, I'm a lady."
He replies, "Ahh Mamma (very sad), you la you pecker?"
I inform him "No baby I didn't lose it, I never had one"
He says, "Oh, Mamma." and gives me his sad puppy dog face.

He walks out of the bathroom for about 3 seconds then RACES BACK IN!

"Mamma, Mamma!! I buy lou pecker for Frissmass!"

"You're going to buy me a pecker for Christmas?"

"Uh Haaa! A grrreat greeeaaaat BIG ONE"

Lucky me!



  1. Hope you get what you want Good Luck with that. And I must say everyone wants something special on these days like birthdays or Christmas. And I just hope people get what they want.

  2. Ooo... So cute to hear that your little one is now trained to do himself. As a mother it will be an achievement for you i am sure.