02 January 2010

Unintended Consequence

In the Army we learn about "Unintended Consequences". The Army Field Manual (FM 22-100)which explains our Leadership doctrine tells the story about a time change and the resulting scheduling hardships on a Soldier's family. Something the command didn't take into consideration - an unintended consequence.

How does this relate to Mommy Land? Well, I have a habit of turning everything my kids do into a song of some type. Dancey Dancey dancey dancey! I make all of their names into a tune same melody just different lyrics. Baby B my little baby B or Kadee Baby Kadee Kadee Baby and Lukey Lukey Lukey Bazookey!

So where does this lead? To bathtime. It was hard to get all of the kids ready for a bath - so I made up a little song. Forgive me but it goes like this... GeeeeTTT Naked Get Naked Get Ghe Ghe Ghe Ghe Get NAKED! Iiiiiiit's Bathtime it's Bathtime its Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bathtime! (repeat until all three are ready for the bath and headed for the tub)

Well, this was all fine enough when the kids couldn't talk or undress themselves. Fast Forward 'til today. Byron Duke and Luke without missing a beat will drop their shorts, sing the song and dance their naked little bodies all over the house. Kadee follows suit by attempting to remove her diaper while shaking her little toosh to the rhythm of the song.

Today it dawned on me -- Have I turned my babies into little strippers? definitely an Unintended Consequence.


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