27 March 2010

Don't Call Me Ma'am!

Don't call me Ma'am - Its Drill Sergeant.

Well, I did it. I set my mind to something 7 years ago, and on March 20th I accomplished my goal. I had a great time at school - and faced some frustrating moments as well.

I'd say one of the most amazing things I saw was the transformation in my roommate SSG V. During our first day she was quiet and lacked confidence in her run times. By the conclusion of the school she was marching the entire class and smoked me in the run by a full minute.

Our platoon, while not always happy with each other, saw two of our members graduate with the highest honors in the class (Dist. Honor Grad and Honor Grad) and one of our three Drill Sgt. Leaders be selected as the DSL of the cycle.

I was asked to return as a Drill Sgt. Leader Candidate once I do some time on the trail. I was honored at the request and hope to fulfill it at some point in my career. ~~ That all depends on the NAVY as you know ~~

My handsome husband and my father attended graduation. Byron had to leave the next day for a short training mission, but it was hard to see him go. The kids and I are getting back in the swing of things... well except for the flat tire, dead battery and plethora of other Murphy moments.

My new hat looks pretty sweet with my cape.


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