04 April 2010

Lord Forgive Me

This morning started like most of the American Easters in the past. Children up, running around to hunt the pastel eggs hidden by a giant rabbit. Mine came on down the stairs around 7:30 which is actually pretty late for them.

They ran through the house, collected their eggs and after doing a triple check that there were no eggs remaining the insanity pursued.

I remember ripping through my Easter basket shoving as much chocolaty, sugary, marshmallow filled goodness into my mouth as I could before my mom shoved me into some pastel colored, flower covered ruffled monstrosity.

Not my kids... (((as I hang my head in shame)))

Kadee went upstairs to play with her toys, the boys however sat down to sort the Easter eggs they'd found. Once the Easter Eggs had been sorted by color, they were then counted and inventoried for contents.

Once the contents had been removed from their original eggs they were sorted according to wrapper color and candy type (i.e. gummy bunnies by color, mini snickers by wrapper color).

Following this step the candies were reassigned to their new egg chosen, of course, to coordinate the correct candy color within. Blue gummy bunnies go in light blue Easter eggs - mini snickers inside blue wrappers are housed in dark blue eggs.

When Lukey had the audacity to SAMPLE some of the candy Byron Duke reminded him, "Luke, it is not time for eating we have to get organized first"


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