09 April 2010

You Get What You Get...

and you don't throw a fit!

Ahhh, the wisdom of preschool etiquette.

Here at the Brinkley house we have a simple, but fun tradition in reference to our birthdays. By "our" I am referring to my husband and I. We let the kids design our birthday cake. They tell the opposite parent what they want and we surprise them with it.

Byron Duke and Luke have been planning my birthday cake since Byron arrived back from Iraq in early November. I was a little concerned because everytime I inquired about the cake my husband would smirk and laugh with a quiet "You'll see".

Well, today the moment arrived. He ordered the cake from a friend of a friend (thanks Crystal - Winky did an awesome job) drove an hour to get it and arrived home with the creation in hand. As I walked across the kitchen with my camera in hand my mind flashed to all of the things the kids could have focused on this year...

Disney, flowers, the beach, the zoo... but one kept flashing in my mind and filling me with dread. Lukey and his love affair with his pecker and his obsession with Thomas. I was SURE that somewhere on this cake there would be Thomas the Tank Engine pulling along a freight car of you know whats! He'd promised me one for Christmas and wasn't very happy that Santa didn't hook me up (thank God).

Ok, back to the B'day cake. I cross the kitchen, steal myself for trains and hoo-ha's then BAM!

There's the cake. In all of its laundry basket and bowling goodness! That's right a laundry basket with clothes hanging over the side and a bowling ball and pins. The cake was SOOOOO good and pecker free! I am a lucky B'day girl!


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