14 June 2010

Precious Moments

There is something special about a daughter. She is sweet gentle... and just different than her brothers. The boys will spend the entire day raging like baby tigers looking for a fight. If they aren't fighting with each other - they make up imaginary beings to wage battle against. It is amazing the amount of violent energy that comes from a boy.

On the other hand. My baby girl will sit in the middle of their firestorm of terror playing with stacking blocks, a piano... dolls. Blissfully unaware of the furry surrounding her. She coos and sings, giggles and talks to herself.

Well, today was no different. The boys were creating "actions" (accidents) with their thomas the train engines. The trains would fly through the air like little red, blue or green hand grenades then crash into the pile of trucks & tracks below. The boys wailed with laughter - jumping and screeching with happiness at the destructive results of their "action".

Baby girl toddles over to me, crawls into my lap and coos something in Kadee-Talk then kisses mommy sweetly on the cheek while a train car goes racing past her face. She strokes my cheek... bats her eye lashes and farts like an elephant on my leg.

He brothers approve with an impromptu dance of joy. I guess they have been teaching her a thing or two.


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