02 July 2010


...from a toddler.

Today we had the pleasure of taking Luke and Kadee to a joint well baby visit. Kadee screamed for about 90 minutes straight - and that was before the shots. Now onto the good stuff.

Apparently, at the 3 y.o. well child checkup kids are now expected to pee in a cup. Yep. A toddler pee'ing in a cup. In all of our brilliance Byron and I decide that I will be the one to take Luke to the potty to get the sample.

Now Lukey took a trip to the potty about 30 seconds before they called our name to go into the exam room. I knew it wouldn't be an easy mission, but I asked him if he was ready and he said "Yeah mamma I got lots a peepees."

We set off down the hall and Luke lets me know that he's "Gonna fill up dat cup to da tops with all my peepees." He reassured me "I can do it Mamma, I'm good at going poddy". I agree and we enter the bathroom. And Lukey gets down to the business of getting the business done.

To my shock and horror Lukey did have to go potty and it wasn't that big of a cup. As I begin to shriek "No, Lukey!!! Stop stop!! OH NO ~~ Baby STOP PEE'ing!!!"

with a giggle and a smirk he says "It doesn't work like dat, MaMa. You can't dop da peepees."

Have I ever mentioned how great a super mom cape is for quick clean-up?


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