08 April 2015

The Obama Girls are a lot like my kids

I was totally touched and inspired by Rebekah Sanderlin's comparison of the Obama Girls to military children. You can read this outstanding and insightful collection of brilliance on SpouseBuzz.

Broad stroke masterpieces like this are what has lead the American People (the world for that matter) to truly understand the life of a military family - and specifically military children. Where would we be without this carefully crafted generalization to motivate conversation and compassion for our lifestyle?

Being dedicated to this path of understanding I too have comprised a list of the way the Obama girls are just like my three military children.

1. They have hair.
While Sasha and Malia get their hair done by the best stylists, my children receive their trims and coifs in my bathroom... with walmart clippers.

2. Dental Hygiene.
I'm sure that like my little military munchkins, S & M make sure their breath isn't comparable to that of Maleficent (that's a dragon reference for those who are all what? Angelina?).

3. Hydrate or Die
Water - we all need it to live. While Malia and Sasha probably sip on something out of an overly expensive bottle, my little herd are drinkin' from the hose that's pumpin from a well. Nothing but the best for my babies!

4. Food. They eat it.
The girls? White house chef.
My kids. Ummm.. Me. ((pretty sure my food's better))

5. Homework
Theirs: from only the best private schools
Mine? Common Core math worksheets crammed down the throats of American children who's greatest sin is attending a public school.

6. They inhale.

7. They exhale.

8. They sleep.
Shall we discuss thread count?

9. They wear clothing.
The Obama girls wear only the best. Newest fashions, updated outfits for every occasion (meanwhile the future Queen of England understands how to wear something twice). My kids? hand me downs and blue jeans.

So there you have it. 9 actual ways Sasha and Malia Obama are like military children - and 9 general reasons they have nothing in common.

All of the above being said - I place no blame on Sasha and Malia. They are kids shoved into a position they didn't volunteer for (hey maybe they do have something slightly in common with a military brat)... I blame broad stroke artistry like the original piece.

Now if Ms Sanderlin was inspired to write this piece after absorbing the spirit of Jonathan Swift - I'll agree her reflections are as clear as a Mississippi swimming hole. Perhaps her piece belongs on Duffel Blog instead of SpouseBuzz... or maybe opinions like these are the reason why OSMW facebook pages are so popular (since they allow people to purge the most vile of opinions).

XO XO and Stuff,



  1. Authors Note: While her content might have left a bad taste in our mouths - we've all had to chew on our own toes from time to time (maybe not this publicly). I edited my original piece because it placed a hurtful spin on Mrs Sanderlin that was unfair (I said she's the reason OSMW pages are popular).

    In reality it is usually flippant perception of entitlement or lack there of which leads people to contrive the darkest of views, and brings a plethora of content for FB pages and blogs like those I mentioned.

    I'm sure she isn't a bad person. I'm sure she didn't INTEND to insult so many with 9 little statements she found to be true. So, let's stick to criticizing the content of the original article - be it through satire (my favorite) or literal contradiction.


  2. Haha! Funny! My milkids also breathe, wear clothes, and sleep! Our kids must have so much in common! ;)

  3. My milkids eat school,lunches, just like theirs do! But, um. This is what they eat at the very upscale Sidwell Friends School:Lunch

    Fri Apr 10
    Snack: Cinnamon Breadsticks
    Apple Mint Quinoa Salad
    Lemon Pepper Tilapia
    Roasted Asparagus
    Pesto Pasta

    Lentil Soup
    Spinach, Strawberry and
    Chèvre Salad
    Fattoush with Pita Salad
    Housemade MG Fish Cakes
    Tomato, Fresh Basil Strata
    Roasted Squash
    Pesto Pasta

    « Yesterday More Tomorrow »
    Print LS Menu Print MS/US Menu

    1. Lol, couldn't type anything else after that menu thingy. Gotta love iPad, where I hit comma instead of space bar!!
      Seriously, though. Awful comparison, imo.

    2. Doggone it and here I thought PB & J cut in the shape of a butterfly was killin' it. I've got to up my culinary game.

      When I first read the original I thought it was satire (like mine), but it wasn't. Hopefully what we will all learn from the "uproar" is that generalizing to such an extreme can be a negative distraction from the reality many (not all) military children face.


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