01 April 2015

Values v Value

I'm pretty freakin' opinionated. I'm also a bit judgmental. I'm ok with both of these traits and it isn't likely they will change. Those characteristics, however, can lead to disagreements with people who aren't of a like mind. Someone like my beautiful and amazing cousin Erin.

Erin and I could play ping pong with the opposite paths we've taken and political opinions we have. She went to college (like alot)... I joined the Army. She likes cats - I have a giant Rottweiler. I would say I am a social-moderate constitutional conservative libertarian. I suspect Erin (or at least some of the people in her social circles) would toss me in the "right-wing nut job tea party" column. They're probably more accurate than I'd care to admit. Erin's a liberal. I'd say flaming or bleeding heart - she'd claim moderate - she'd be wrong, but is totally entitled to her own opinion of herself.(he he he)

What's my point? Good question. My point is that two people can adore each other... respect each other... and TOTALLY DISAGREE!  I didn't sign up to uphold and defend the US Constitution just to suppress the rights of my fellow citizens (even those with whom I vehemently disagree).

Erin and I have spent many hours debating issues - and yet we've never once insulted each others intelligence or value as human beings. We've had disagreements about everything from teacher salaries to abortion. I think the only thing we agree on is marriage equality - but why does someone's political view point equate to their value? In my mind it doesn't and it shouldn't. I'd prefer to debate with an intelligent person than have people follow my lead bleating like sheep.

So - be who you are. Refuse to manipulate your beliefs and values to make other people comfortable. Truly MATURE human beings will accept you for who you are, be willing to discuss different view points and still enjoy your company. We are more than a check in the box at a voting booth.

I will ask that when you are forming your opinions you actually make INFORMED decisions. Think about the unintended consequences of your utopian aspirations. Consider the ramifications of anarchy.. be able to verbalize the WHY behind your beliefs with something more substantial than "you're a Fox news watcher aren't you?" or "stupid lib-tard drink the kool-aid" (that's a Jonestown reference Google it). Disagree with me all you want, but be prepared to defend your position with intellectual exchange not regurgitated rhetoric.

All of that being said - if you try to infringe on my constitutional rights you'll meet the business end of my favorite amendment.

XO XO & Stuff,



  1. Cheers to this. I am about to move to an area of the country that is populated by people who tend to be my polar opposites in the politics arena. A great reminder... open mind, Heather. Open mind.

    And thank you for your service. Truly.

  2. Love the "tude." Some of my favorite people are the ones that I don't see eye to eye with, and because they bring opposing discussion to the table in a respectful manner that contributes in a meaningful way, it makes me respect them that much more.