22 May 2015

Day 19 - Sitting here hoping

Overnight Success never happens over a single night. Even a lottery winner had to go somewhere and buy a ticket. They had to have a plan and execute it... otherwise they'd just be another person who said "I should have..."

Anyway. Tomorrow is coming very soon. I've been working hard for this year's Memorial Day Weekend event and it's less than 8 hours away. When you put something on the calendar for the future it seems so far away then, what seems like suddenly, the day arrives.

As I type there is an O-Course for kids set up, chairs sitting empty waiting for patriotic souls to take residence. Route signs are drying in the garage ready to line the path for our motivated runners who will treat The Colors with the respect they deserve. Participants are resting, or hydrating... or drinking too much thinking "it won't be that bad"... and me?

I'm sitting here hoping.

I hope that tomorrow I will honor the memories of those who've paid the ultimate price. I hope that tomorrow someone driving down the road to hit the beach will see Americans RUNNING with Old Glory blazing a trail and stop for just a moment to reflect on what this weekend is about. I hope that a child eager for time at the pool will pull on Mommy's hand "What's going on in there? I want to do it!!" and that maybe instead of rushing her child along, she'll say yes.

I hope that a Gold Star Mom hears what we are doing and thinks "My son would have loved that" and it brings a smile to her face knowing we are doing it for him.

I hope a fellow Veteran who is struggling with the disconnect we feel from our fellow Americans can see - literally see - that people are willing to stand up and say WE CARE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.... WE REMEMBER.

May the actions you take this weekend help it be a Happy Memorial Day for our Gold Star Families and those who loved a Service Member who's gone too soon. I've got to get some sleep got a run date with Old Glory in the morning.

XO XO & Stuff,

Jinger ~ We Remember

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