08 May 2015

Day 5 - Girls Night In

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day, our first 5 days are almost done and I have somewhere to be tonight.

Through a great group on Facebook for Navy spouses I learned about a company called The Traveling Vineyard, and met our local wine guide, Agana. Let's talk business first - TTV sends a wine guide to your home with 5 bottles of really great wine. They help you with pairings and take you through a tasting of each wine. You get to eat, drink and laugh with friends - then you order the wine you like. It is the only in home party I will host.

Anyway, a friend of mine is hosting the party tonight. In the last six months it's become a monthly (almost) event for our circle of friends. The theme this evening - Pajamas!!! Seriously? Oh and since she understands what a pain it is to find a sitter in the middle of deployment KIDS WELCOME!Are you kidding me - yes and yes. So I threw on my new Mother's Day PJs (Thanks Big Sexy) packed up the kids and headed over.

We talked, we drank... we laughed at each other and ourselves. It was 100% what the doctor ordered.

Deployments don't have to be whittled away drowning yourself in a pillow of tears. Get up. Go out. See friends. Instead of sitting at home watching Netflix I crushed another 3 hours of deployment by hanging out with good people.

You've got this - every day is one day closer to home.

XO XO & Stuff,


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