10 May 2015

Day 7 - Timing is Everything

There are times in a military family when things line up just right. Three day weekends turn into four day weekends because of special liberty. A big concert out of town falls on a national holiday so you can have a the time to go see it. Homecoming is scheduled at the perfect time of year for surprising the kids at school!

Yes, there are times when it is awesome. Then there's today. Mother's Day. Some people wouldn't think this is that big of a deal (those people are idiots). I mean he can still send flowers over the internet right? The kids can still give you a card right? Well sure, and you can take your happy ass to the grocery store and buy your own birthday cake, but it isn't quite the same is it? So there... yeah, mother's day when you are playing both sides loses a little luster.

If mother's day wasn't rung in by a sad trombone, it's also our anniversary. Not our 3rd or 7th our 10th. That's kind of a big one. People take cruises and go out to dinner it's a big deal. It really sucks to be apart today. I'm kind of unhappy about the whole thing...

BUT (you knew that was coming)

Yesterday, my sweet neighbor Lisa dropped in, chatted for a minute then asked me what I was doing tomorrow afternoon. I assumed she needed me to let the dogs out. Nope, she invited the kids and I over to their house for a spontaneous Mother's Day Lunch. I asked what I should bring, she wouldn't let me do any work because it was Mother's Day. I went to sleep with something to look forward to.

This morning, as the sun crept into my bedroom window our six year old sprung out of bed HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA!!!! She sprinted out of the room and returned with a carefully wrapped gift - which included a coupon for a free hug. The gift was a booklet she'd written at school. It included a note, a picture of me she'd drawn and other interesting things about myself I didn't know.

Lukey presented me with an adorable craft he made in school by tracing his hands. I cherish these little things.  They are more important to me than any bouquet or spa day or fancy brunch. I want to see how my children think they should celebrate their mom. THAT is what hits me hard.

Then our oldest popped his big ole noggin in "You ready for some craps mama?" I wasn't sure how to respond, but just out of obscene curiosity I said yes. The kitchen came to life with the sounds of pots and pans banging on the stove top. The sent of coffee lifted in the air. I figured as long as coffee was on the menu the rest would be workable.

I was then presented with breakfast in bed.
Scrambled Eggs and...
Craps no wait sorry a single solitary Crap

To my relief, craps were actually crepes and my beautiful boy said "I jacked it up mom so its really just a sugary pancake"... I don't care what he called it - breakfast was delicious.

While we were enjoying our morning together I got another wonderful surprise - no not flowers or candy - I GOT TO SEE A PICTURE OF MY HUSBAND! After years of deployments which included pretty much unlimited internet connectivity we are navigating new waters. So for the first time in a week I got to see his handsome face - and the best part? He was smiling.

Breakfast in bed, Lunch at the neighbors and seeing my handsome husband (digitally) on our anniversary? I'd call that a good day.

So, to the teachers who take the time and make the effort to do mother's day crafts? Thank you. You never know what is going on in a child's home. Perhaps Mom is a single parent,  maybe Dad has passed away or is too far from home to help a child make something for mom. What you do matters.

To the neighbor who thinks "should we invite them over" THANK YOU! It may not always be convenient or  your norm to invite the neighbor over for what is traditionally a family holiday, but man oh man do you make a HUGE difference in how a day can feel. It is a simple - yet selfless act that can really turn what would be an emotionally draining day into one filled with smiles and company.

For the service men and women who think maybe a picture isn't enough? There is nothing we want more than to know you are doing well and finding some joy along the way. Your smile and the sound of your voice are much more valuable than any material object.

So thank you to Mrs S and Mrs W who made crafts with their classrooms, and thank you to Lisa & John (and your entire family) for welcoming my kids and I for a mother's day celebration. To Big Sexy for sharing his day with me through pictures. I enjoyed every single pixel!

We can let the emotion of hardship build and build until we are crushed beneath it - or - we can recognize when we are hurting, respond to those emotions and look for ways to improve our moods. I am very very blessed to be surrounded by people that are cheering us on through this deployment - while I am alone much of the time, they help me keep the loneliness in check.

Happy Anniversary Big Sexy ~ Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, and for bringing our three little ones into this world with me.

XO XO & Stuff,


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