03 May 2015

Day Zero

I wasn't sure how I was going to use this time to fuel my writing. Should I think about a structured format to compartmentalize what is happening? How I'm feeling? Maybe I should just focus on the "buck up" and "big girl panties" bad assness...

Better yet.

I think I'll just write what comes to mind, and let the rest sort itself out.

Welcome to Zero Day.

Today doesn't really count as Day One. It can't, why? Because I woke up this morning to see his handsome face snoring brilliantly beside me. I heard him stretch and hit snooze. I felt his breath, his warmth. Watched his body lumber up out of the bed. He was here this morning. No, today, the day that hurts more than most, today doesn't really count.

Today is Zero Day. Today is the day everything feels fragmented. Your everything walks away. Today is the testing ground. Today... we stood side by side as our world wobbled and tried to fall apart. Today we held it together.

Tomorrow we'll talk about resilience. Today just sucks.

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