05 May 2015

Idle Hands

One thing I've learned over 10 years (this weekend) as a Navy Wife - is that I do not do well with downtime. Idle Hands are not my friends. So, in addition to my nightly confessions about deployment realities I plan on sharing with you some of the busy work I'll give myself to pass the time, but first let's talk our left and right limits.

1. Know Yourself. 
I always get in shape over deployment. It is tradition. It is something I enjoy. Find something that makes you HAPPY and fills you with a sense of accomplishment, and invest your time and energy in that thing. You will feel the days go by faster. 

2. Be Realistic.
I used to make huge goals for the 6-9-12 months my husband was deployed. Then I figured out that sometimes making it through TODAY is a big enough goal (3 kids, 1 mom... 4 rounds of stomach flu). Start with small daily goals until you are in the swing of things, then choose a goal you can work toward over a week... then a month... then before you know it you'll be hanging banners on the house and making appointments for sexfoliation.

Do things that make you feel better. I'm not saying you should spend every penny of deployment $$ buying yourself things. Spend your time growing stronger. If volunteering feeds your soul - raise your hand and get to work. If you love animals, go to the SPCA and pet puppies when you're lonely. Do you enjoy crafting? Look around your home and take some time to invest in your decor or make some great items for a craft fair and give it a go. Its OK to do the things you LIKE and things that bring you JOY.

Now, let me go find my BGPs and a glue gun. I've got some work to do.

photo credit polyvore.com

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