07 May 2015

The ONE Thing I Want for Military Spouse Appreciation Day

This Friday is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, it's shoved in there between Nurses Day, Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day. ((here's the history if you think I'm crazy - ps it was moved as to not conflict with Memorial Day - and rightfully so))

Now being the uber entitled spouse that I am (Thanks Carl), I'm not willing to settle for a bouquet or a discount on a pedicure. No, I want something much bigger and I want it from every American citizen. How's that for my entitlement complex?

What do I want?
A phone call.

I want to see less bumper sticker slogans, and a little more tangible support.

I want you to pick up your phone and contact your Federal, State and Local representatives.
Call your Congressman and ask them when they last visited the LOCAL VA HOSPITAL. Ask them for the date and when their next visit will be. Unless you live within 60 miles of Walter Reed, no a visit there doesn't count.

Ask your Congressman why instead of trimming the fat off defense contracts with multi-billion dollar companies, they keep swinging a machete at military retirees and families. Cutting earned pay and benefits.

Call your state and local reps and ask them what initiatives they are running to house homeless veterans (or the homeless in general). Ask them what programs they have sponsored to get those transitioning from uniformed service into the work force.

Ask your representatives if they are willing to support national licensing for military spouses who teach, are nurses, or work in any profession where they are required to have a state/local license.

Tell your elected officials that 22 Veterans kill themselves every single day - and YOU as a voter - care that we are losing more young men and women here at home than we are in combat.

Finally, tell them that while Veterans and Service Members make up less than 1% of their voter pool - their lives matter to every American citizen. Tell them you will show your support for the Veteran community by voting for elected officials who take action - then follow through on it.

What's in it for me you ask? Do you worry about the people you love? Do you wonder if they are seeing the best doctors? Ask if they are taking care of themselves? The men and women I served with are my brothers and sisters, my family. What military spouse doesn't carry the same worries? What military spouse doesn't hope their loved one will get the care and support they need - they've EARNED - when their time in uniform is over.

Without the support of the American People, our numbers are too small to get the attention these issues warrant. So, if you want to show your appreciation for the sacrifices we've made as a military family - pick up the phone.

XO XO & Stuff,


Want to do more?

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