11 May 2015

Day 8 - The Pink Slip

This one should have been a pre-deployment post, but hey better late than never... plus now I have some feedback from Big Sexy.

I, like most military spouses, search the internet looking for best practices and great ideas for connecting with my husband over time and distance. One common idea among wives is to sneak a note or a card into their loved one's gear before they ship out. The idea is that the service member will find it when they are unpacking for the long haul - and have a little note of encouragement to last them until mail starts arriving (which can take weeks or months).

Well, Big Sexy, being the sweetheart he is... had a full load (or 3) of laundry he needed folded. I am the supportive wife so I got to work while he packed up his gear. What he didn't know is that I'd armed myself with a pad of hot pink post-its.

So, every article of clothing, pocket on a bag and nook and cranny I could find got some special attention.

It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just something fun for him to find through the days and weeks ahead. A little touch of home to put a smirk on his face and know I'm thinking of him. There are a few things to remember when you do this.

1. Keep it simple. This isn't the 30 page love letter professing your fidelity and passion. Its just a "hey, you're pretty" to keep things positive.

2. These little notes do have a chance of popping out when least expected - and when you didn't intend them to.

Case in point...

Earlier he was out with his two buddies and when he pulled out his wallet to pay for dinner one of these little beauties slipped right out of his pocket and onto the floor. He didn't notice, but a server walking past retrieved it, took a look at it and handed it over to one of the other gents in their group. He, wondering what the young lady had just handed him also took a look at the note, laughed and handed it to the rightful owner.

Well... this was of course the ONE note that I was a little more, shall we say colorful with? I'm willing to bet Big Sexy's face matched the color of the post-it.

XO XO & Stuff,


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