20 June 2015

Day 48: Is It Over Yet?

There's always a silver lining. 

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Look for the bright side.

Well. I looked and right now that bright side is pretty damn far away.

My oven is dead. I have three kids to feed.

Our water is out. I have three kids and myself to bathe, provide drinking water to, toilets to flush...

I've had the stomach flu for 3 days.

The three care packages I sent 6 weeks ago haven't show up yet.

The fuel sensor on the truck has gone bad, and the only orders they're offering my husband are a min of 3000 miles from our home. Which wouldn't suck that bad if it weren't his twilight tour where he'll be looking for a civilian job at the end of it.

Did I mention the stomach flu?

I can't even drink a glass of wine.

I love deployment.

It can't get much more crappy than this... right? Oh I forgot.  There's always tomorrow.

Now someone say some uber sun-shiny happy shit in the comments to cheer me up. No really don't do that. :-) No really you should. It would make me laugh at the freakin' awesomeness of my day.

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