21 August 2015

Day 110: Strong, a double-edged sword

You like to smile in my face, pat me on the head and say "good job". You love to tell me how strong I am. What does that mean exactly? I used to think it was a compliment, but I am beginning to see the flip side of that coin.

Apparently if I am "strong" I am supposed to take it - over, over and over again. I am able to ignore when people slight me. People think I am unaware of their words, deeds and intent. Individuals don't think I notice their efforts to undermine my integrity or spirit. If I am "strong" I am expected to forgive and forget - constantly be the "bigger" person and never get my feelings hurt. If I am "strong" it is okay for people to ignore when I ask for help, because it won't bother someone so "strong".

People like that, the mean girls, think people like me can not truly exist. So they find ways to break those who are different, because if there are GOOD people in this world than they must not be one of them. You must be lacking. You must be flawed.... so they can remain perfect.

Well, to those who pander to their own conceit, may you continue to enjoy your narcissistic ineptitude thinking that your comments go unidentified, your actions subtle and your impact genuine. 

The truth is this. 

I am strong, and my efforts are genuine. My joy is real and lasting while yours is derived from the pain of others. There is more to my existence than the superficial subterfuge that defines your life. So, enjoy your gossip binge. Your cackling and laughter. The next time you see me I'll still be strong; you'll still be shallow and cruel.

The world needs us both without ugliness; beauty cannot be fully appreciated. 

XO XO & Stuff, 


post script:
There are many more like US - those who care, those who work selflessly, those who feel deeply - than those who only care for themselves. If you're one who gives keep giving and grow stronger through the adversity the hateful crowd provides. We'll win in the long run. You just have to stay STRONG. 

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