07 September 2015

House Full of Happy... almost a heart full

Every year that Big Sexy is home we host a large BBQ for all of our friends in the area and family who can make it down. Its a big deal to me. I work hard to get the house ready, Byron and I hunt down the best deals on pork shoulder. Our friend Geoff is our co-pit master and they both tend the smoker for 12-18 hours.

When Byron is away we don't have the BBQ, and to be honest I miss it. I don't get to see friends with their big smiles. The house isn't filled with laughter, running kids or happy chaos. It feels lonely.

Well, last time he was deployed my sister was nice enough to fill the BBQ gap by having her reception at my house.


That scratched the itch... the next year things were back to normal and we rocked it for the 3rd annual Brinkley Backyard BBQ (BBB).


Well this year with the big guy away... there will be no BBQ. With us heading south in the spring for our last move with the Navy there will be no 4th annual BBB. I was feeling pretty melancholy about it. So, thought I'd invite some friends over for some fun this weekend.

As fate would have it, 90% of the guests are also rolling through a deployment, and we all needed a relaxed afternoon of no rules, grilled food and fun. We had everything from race car rides (thanks to Corey and his Blue Corvette), ice cream truck visits from Happy Howie's (on call for locals). We had a grill master - Josh - who's wife is also deployed cooking up everyone's entrees, and plenty of sides to share. There were pin-ups, minecraft creepers and general shenanigans all night. (I'll update with more pics later)

Sometimes when your heart is feeling a little empty you can find a smile by having a full house.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip down. I appreciate it more than you know.

XO XO & Stuff,


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  1. The one thing that caught my eye, in this blog, is the pictures. I mean, look at that adorable kiss, and look at how the guy receives it. Best blog ever!