01 September 2015

The Truth Hurts... or it makes you laugh til you cry

Recently Nicole Arbour posted the MOST OFFENSIVE VIDEO EVER!!

and I loved every damn second of it. Why? because according to the general public telling the truth, finding humor in the mundane or looking for a reason to laugh WITH each other is an invitation for vagina sand distrobution.

We are so busy worrying about what other people will think or how we should think that we fail to be true to who we are. I'd prefer to know that you are a piece of crap human being that judges people on their appearance, race, job, car, upbringing, ethnicity, sexuality... or music preference. No need to pretend you are "tolerant" be real.

Now back to the humor. I'm the grand daughter of an Italian immigrant. Off the boat. Ellis Island... Italian Immigrant. Here's a freakin brain bomb for you I make some amazing gnocchi, lasagna and a hell of a good Sugo. I don't find it insulting when people assume I carry some awesome legacy from my ancestors.

STFU and go with it. Own who you are and be prepared to laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously NO ONE ELSE WILL.

XO XO & Stuff,


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