18 March 2016

Holy Hiatis Batman

If there is one that is constant in the military spouse life... well anyone's life... its Murphy. That little jerk struck again by crushing not one but two computers, and slapping us with a PCS. The result? No blogging. Should have planned ahead right? Yes, you're right. Feel good? Awesome.

Anyway, have a ton to say, too many subjects to comment on for one post, but the bottom line is I'll be back to sharing my sarcastic realism with the general public on a regular basis.  Never actually stopped doing that, but I can only yell so loud. 

Just a couple of admin notes now that I'm back with bombs of knowledge worthy of  decimating entire trains of thought.
  • These opinions are my own and apply only to the subject matter specified within the text. So, if I am writing about humans born of the female gender voting based on the genitalia between their legs, I am NOT in fact implying that transgender doesn't exist. I am saying you should vote with your brain not your sex organs. See how that works. Write about A. People read Q, still only wrote about A.
  • If you disagree with me, agree with me, hate what I said, love what I said, don't like my hair or whatever - leave a comment, but make sure you include an identifiable title. Basically, if you want to talk crap or engage in the exchange of differing ideas/opinions leave your name; if you do so under the title "anonymous" I'll delete your comments. Cause I'm a jerk. Yep. If you don't have the guts to put your name to what you say - just keep your mouth shut... well fingers still, but you get the idea. 
  • Last but not least. I don't get paid. I write my thoughts, my way, on my own time... so grammar police beware. I don't care what errors you find. When you start paying my bills I'll pretend to care what you think (well, no I won't but whatever).
Ok y'all. I'm baaaaaaaaack.

XO XO & Stuff,


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