29 March 2016

Super (Lazy) Mom's Guide to School Day Pancakes

Yes. I am fully aware that I can buy frozen pancakes. I am also fully aware that "complete" pancake mix is NOT from scratch. I am also fully aware that some of the people reading this are too full of themselves to have fun...

if you're gonna pin something pin this one... please.

Here we go. According to my blue eyed devil child (yes I call him that to his face) I am a super mom.
I present exhibit A:
  • I am a super mom.
  • I cook enough for my son to feel a cup with an apron on it is applicable to me.
  • This cooking has NOT lead to his (nor his siblings) early demise. There for it can be concluded that I am not an utter failure in the kitchen.

Here we go. Super (Lazy) Mom's School Day Pancakes:
  1. Preheat oven to 325* F ('MERICA!!!!) .
  2. Get out big bowl and spoon.
  3. Get out two 9x13 cake pans and spray w/ non stick.
  4. Open box of "complete" aka "just add water" pancake mix. 
  5. Pour decent (as in half the box) amount of mix into large bowl.
  6. Add water until you get to the consistency you USUALLY prefer when YOU make pancakes.
  7. Divide batter between two cake pans (you remembered to spray that non stick stuff right?)
  8. Put some sprinkles and crap on the top (that is where the Super comes in, if you don't do this than these are just lazy mom pancakes. Stop being just regular lazy and be super lazy).
  9. Place in oven; bake until golden brown around edges (approx 15 min, I didn't really pay attention because I was being lazy and making dubsmash videos.)
  10. Remove from oven when done.
  11. Cool(ish)
  12. Use pizza cutter to slice because we are super lazy and a knife would require more effort. Duh.
  13. Divide into baggies.
  14. Put baggies in freezer. 
  15. Pull out baggy when brat wants pancakes at 0600 on a Monday. 
  16. Warm up in Microwave.
  17. Slap on Butter and Syrup.
  18. Hand to kid.
  19. Tell Kid to SHUT UP AND EAT.
  20. Enjoy having time to do other flipping stuff instead of flipping pancakes.. like drink coffee. Better yet, Irish Coffee. 

You're welcome.

XO XO & Stuff,


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  1. There are children with lazy moms and I think that they enjoy being lazy too. That was a good post and had some really good insight to the way you make up your child.