24 April 2016

Attention Transgender Community, I don't CARE about you...

You read the title correctly. I don't care about your feelings. Your identity. Your assigned or reassigned or whatever gender identification phrase the world is currently using.... I don't care.

For those of you about to skip RIGHT to the comment section to tell me what a hateful beast I am. You might want to keep reading.

I care about privacy, security and safety.

I care about perverts. I care about freaks. I care about weirdos.

I care about my children.

I don't care about the Transgender community because they (in my mind) ARE NOT A THREAT. It is my experience that individuals who are transgender are private people. They live their life, they work through their physical being and spiritual identity. They go to work, they love their family... they try to figure it all out. In reality, I do care about the Transgender community because as a group their reputation is being perverted by opportunistic freaks and the uneducated masses. ((see told you to keep reading))

Those who don't understand (or try to understand) what Transgender means, see an ad for Kinky Boots and think every transgender human is running around with big hair in sequin covered bodysuits... ummm life is not a Broadway show y'all. 

The current raging debate in our country (#merica) in regard to the opening of bathrooms to transgender individuals is being spun to be an US vs THEM - and it SHOULD BE. It should be all morally sound individuals making PRUDENT decisions vs the perverted creeps out there who will take advantage of this newly mandated equality to target victims.

This debate is NOT about HATING or DISCRIMINATING against Transgender People... at least it shouldn't be. In a rush to accept all people we've literally opened the door to ALL PEOPLE - and yes... there are BAD people in this world. Sexual predators are called predators for a reason. They will use any vulnerability to engage their next victim. This is something to be considered as we move forward.

Yes, I said forward, as in... establishing a means by which ALL bathrooms (and other like facilities) are safer and provide the equal access desired by all humans.

It is really pretty simple. Dressing rooms, bathrooms, anywhere that I am going to expose all or some of my private parts should be refitted with floor to ceiling (or non-scalable height) walls/doors. These facilities shouldn't allow for gaps at door/wall seams.  I don't care what your gender identification is you should be able to try on a swimsuit without the rest of the world judging you. Cellulite is real people, and it doesn't discriminate.

Safety & Security:
Plain and simple. There are assholes out there who are using this sweeping change to endanger others and target women and children. I said assholes, this is a general term. Stop being offended it is literally something we all have. The jerks who will use the title "transgender" to gain access to new victims. They are liars. They are perverts. They are predators, and in the majority of cases NOT actually Transgender. 

  1. Asshole A.
  2. Asshole B.
  3. Asshole C.
With the sweeping change in bathrooms/changing rooms/locker rooms we need a call for help system, and security personnel need to be educated. If someone is found to be a voyeur or attempting to assault someone there needs to be a course of action. Remember those little cords in hospitals that are in the bathrooms? Same deal. Every stall. Every store. Sexual Assault doesn't discriminate. Age, race, gender.... a predator sees a victim. Let's not allow unintended consequences of a well intended action to divide our country and endanger it's people.

But that will cost stores millions of dollars!!!! What's your point? "If we save one life" right? Wasn't that the pitch for the Affordable Care Act? How about seat belt and airbag laws? How much money has the auto industry had to spend to refit our vehicles to meet federal safety standards? Why is is ok for us to mandate the use of a helmet on a motorcycle, but we can't ask that preventive measures be taken for our individual safety.

Look the bottom line is I do not care about a person who's intent is to walk into a bathroom, utilize the facilities, wash their hands... and go on about their shopping trip at Target. The truth is that when you are taking off your clothes and exposing your body - you are vulnerable. This debate is being twisted into hate speach against the LGBT community when it should be about privacy and safety. Yes, update laws and policies to be inclusive... but let's take some steps to make sure we take this opportunity away from PREDATORS. 

So, LBGT community... that is why I don't care about you. Just like I don't care about the mom of 3 who has to drag her 7 year old boy into the bathroom because her 3 year old girl has to go. Not a threat. Not a problem. I care about the jackholes who will USE YOU to gain access. 

Let's work together to find solutions, address VALID concerns, and provide facilities that people who have to freaking pee can feel safe in... except for toilet splatter. God, I hate that. Ugh.. wipe the damn seat squatters!! And can we get a courtesy flush? Really. Let's think about this people.

See... aren't you glad you kept reading? Let's go check out the comments and see who skipped the content.

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  1. Well said.... saftey and security. , it is not far-fetched to believe that Predators will utilize this opportunity in order to find their next victim or to feed their sadistic wants and needs at the expense of our children as well as law abiding patrons. To each his or her own when it comes to sexual orientation however when it comes to the protection of me and my children when we go to the bathroom there needs to be appropriate Safety and Security laws as well as stalls are upgraded and designed for the protection of all persons using them