28 June 2016

Finding Forever - Putting Down Roots

Well. We're in the 3 year window officially. Big Sexy enlisted in June 1999 and here we are June 2016. We've got three years to get our heads on straight. Fortunately after a very very low point (for me) things are turning around. I'll go into the other stuff later so I don't end up babbling about how much the VA makes me crazy and you have to sift through grumbling to hunt the good stuff.

SO!!!! Here's the GOOD STUFF!!!! We found a builder and community we love. We found a floor plan that is PERFECT for our family, and we are truly enjoying the process. On top of that I've found overnight oats and AAAAHHH yum, but sorry that is for another day. Back to the house.

Big ole house with a decent yard for the kids to play/dogs to run/husband to grill (mow) and for me to have a SMALL (probably vertical) garden. We talked. We've dragged poor Sherri through hell and back with we want a neighborhood... no we don't... maybe we do... can we look at land.... ok maybe we'll look at the neighborhood. Oh and side note - she told me back in FEB which builder we should go with. ((We're building with Dream Finders, Jacksonville)). It is amazing what happens when you shut the hell up and LISTEN to the PROFESSIONAL who's lived here her entire life. Duh... seriously.

Ok so lessons learned so far:
1. Get on the SAME PAGE with your spouse BEFORE you go into the builder meeting - ANY of the builder meetings. Know what you and he/she are and are not willing to compromise on.

Example. Big Sexy at this point has included a third bay for the garage BUT he is willing to give it up so WE (ehhh heemmmm we all know that is really "I") can have a beautiful kitchen. We talked about what is more important - fireplace or master bath shower? WE chose the shower. 

2. VALUE at build vs DIY - spend the money on structural must haves compromise on changeable aesthetics.

Let's go back to that Bathroom again - we KNOW that WE WANT the rainfall shower head. We also know that this requires extra plumbing installed through the ceiling of the shower. Why does that matter? Ok - if you say "we can do that later" you'll now be paying to rip tile/drywall off the wall and ceiling, plumbing installation, fixture and the repair of everything you had to rip out. If you do it at construction you're just paying for the plumbing because there is no drywall/ceiling in the way (yet). 

3. Be REALISTIC about YOUR abilities: Let's talk about PINTEREST shall we?

Look at yourself and/or your partner and truly evaluate what you are PERSONALLY capable of. Now, determine if your HOUSE is where you want your trial and error lab to be. If you feel GREAT about serendipity and your skill level - ROCK IT - but if you are unskilled just let the pros wire the garbage disposal, mkay? Now I am blessed blessed blessed - Big Sexy is a handy guy. He can turn a wrench, construct stuff and do the stuff we need done, but he also knows when a job is too big or requires more technical skill AND experience than we have. Bottom line? We aren't going to pour our own concrete kiddos. 

So yep. Get ready for me to mix in some home decorating along with my fitness, food, family, crafting, snarky, crappy, sarcastic life posts. Here's where our forever will GROW!

The soup to nuts of it is - be honest with yourself - be honest with each other - and go with the flow.

XO XO & Stuff,


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  1. I absolutely love the lessons you have listed in your article. I recently shifted to a new place for the first time in my life and I understand the importance of saving and DIYs.