18 June 2016

New Ventures and Value

Because of the Brave Paintinghttps://img0.etsystatic.com/139/0/30874678/icm_fullxfull.85612796_dvdya6qeuc08wwokwg00.jpgSo, as most have picked up from my Etsy post I've opened a shop, JB Serendipity, and it is gaining traction. This is great. I love it. Honestly, working with people to get ideas out of their (or my) head and into their hands is VERY rewarding work.

I've learned over the years to value my time - my friend Danielle from TurtleBay Jewelry taught me that OVER and OVER and OVER - now her voice will pop into my head when someone asks for a "favor" which involves me spending hours with pen in hand creating their artwork... VALUE your TIME and EFFORT, Jinger.

There is something risky about making (drawing, painting, writing) an item and posting it publicly for the world to judge. For a very long time I would track trends now I want to set them. I know where my wheel house is, and for the most part when I go with my gut and draw what I enjoy it gains more traction than when I follow others.

What does all this translate to?

I'm going to respect the gifts I was given. I'm going to value my time. No freebies. No giveaways. No favors. Will I work with your budget, ABSOLUTELY! Will I giveaway product to anyone who asks? No. This is a business venture through which I will learn to respect my abilities and value my time.

It will be a constant learning process.

I hope you'll grow with me.

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  1. Very well said. One should always value their time, their skill and their talents and be proud of it and not let others judge them..Its none of there business