24 March 2018

Swamp Bubbles

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Scooby Doo - Saga of the Swamp Beast
See that picture to the right? I'm Shaggy! Well, at least now I am.

Ok, so let's talk about my jump into the swamp and SWAMP BUBBLES. The swamp to me is any level of corporation or government when the ambition of the entity or individuals over-shadows integrity. I believe that a "swamp" is comprised of people working angles to get ahead. Go to a meeting, work around (not with) the opposition, get what their group wants done instead of finding common ground. Get ahead for their group or party. Get ahead for their organization, and at the end of the day get ahead for their own selfish reasons. In some areas, there are so many opportunities for personal advancement via contracts, federal positions, lobbying, that everywhere you look "opportunity" is knocking. While that may seem like a bastion of hope and  motivation, unfortunately we have the swamp.

In an environment pooling with avenues for MORE influence MORE access MORE power, a dirty little seed can get planted inside some people and the SWAMP BUBBLE begins to grow. Instead of seeing people as coworkers they are viewed as competition. Instead of taking someone at their word they take them down so they can climb higher or protect their perch. Instead of recognizing an asset they identify an adversary to their current position or future advancement.

This is the swamp, and SOME of the people in it are DEEP in the SWAMP BUBBLE. Their perception of others has been perverted for so long by selfish ambition (their own, or because they've been the victim of someone else), that they no longer treat people with dignity or even the benefit of the doubt. These people for whatever reason will manipulate a situation to their own advantage, they will fabricate small truths into large lies to damage professional reputations, and they will do so while convinced they are "doing what is right". (((doing what is right for who? and by what standards?)))

I have spent a very long time living in a simple bubble of "I am who I am"......I assumed that I had a similar work bubble and my bubble got BURST.

I Yam What I Yam taken from the movie Popeye made in 1980 starring: Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall - Songs written by Harry Nilsson

My bubble isn't unicorns and puppy kisses, its actually a pretty rigid place. This bubble? Integrity. Awareness of Strengths and Limitations (see Integrity), Communicate Clearly without Ulterior Motives (doggone it Integrity again), oh and believe in people before you don't believe in people aka TRUST. Inside my bubble lives a big personality, my personality is BIG because I know that I can stand behind my actions because.... Integrity and Trust.

Here is what ISN'T in my bubble. Ambition or Envy for anything anyone else has. I don't want your job. I don't want your influence. I don't want your money, house, kids (no seriously, I'm good), I don't even want your dog. Do I want to HELP YOU? Heck yes, and I don't even want any credit!! I just want you to feel awesome that some of the work got done.

A friend of mine's late husband had a simple saying "Do your *** Job". That is my work bubble. I do my *** Job. I don't care what that job is, I do it. You can work me into the ground, I will work. I thought that was the norm. I thought that was what professionals did. I was unaware that would be threatening behavior. I went to the swamp, and my bubble got burst. My eyes are open. BUT - don't worry. I have learned some valuable lessons.

1. Old sayings are true: No good deed goes unpunished
2. Its a good thing DOD taught me my email skills
3. MOST of my co-workers are the most amazing, virtue driven, compassionate people I have ever met. I am blessed to be in their company, and I know exactly who I can and cannot trust. 

Back to my Bubble!

XO XO and Stuff,


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