20 August 2018

10 Ways Being a Military Spouse is Just Like High School

10. Ramen noodles just sound right for dinner

9. Your significant other plays video games... no no no... as in the same amount of time as a 16 year old

8. Bonfires, beer and BBQ are a great weekend

7. Cliques

6. There are times you eat pizza 3 days in a row

5. South Park (ugh)

4. You get excited about babysitting money

3. Neeeeeeeeeew Driver's License & ohhh goody you even get to take the test... again and again and again

2. You have team colors & Rivalries (GO ARMY!!!)

1. You still get all fired up for homecoming

If your butt hurts over this list please go look in the mirror and write OSMW over your face.

XO XO & Stuff,


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