16 November 2018

Picking it up... again

I am not a consistent blogger... I mean there are literally YEARS that go by that I don't write. I cannot really say why. Perhaps I get distracted, maybe I lost interest, perhaps somethings are too much to capture in words and I'd prefer to let the past capture them instead.

So, here is where we stand today.

The kids are doing well. Bubs is still getting As Kadee too. Luke is making his best effort and we are THRILLED with that. Oh... and he'll be getting glasses soon (and you'll be getting pics). We are in the throws of adolence and all that accompanies that. Pimples, pissy attitudes and pitty parties about chores and homework - but... we are also laughing more, thriving in our new community, and counting our blessings.

We've stepped away from federal govt life. I no longer work for fed and don't miss it for a second. I've started a new chapter working business operations for gas/oil, and we've opened two small businesses in addition to my art hobby.

Big Sexy is out exploring the world of natural gas and oil... I'm not thrilled that he is AWAY, but you don't know until you try right?

We are in a busy season, filled with blessings.

But what have I learned through all of this?

God. Is. Great.

I always thought I was smart. I was strong. I COULD DO IT - man oh man have the last few years taught me how wrong I was. I am in control of NOTHING. My ONLY purpose on this planet is to love people and when they ask why? God. Do the right thing. Why? God. Give generously and encourage constantly? Why? God.

There are lessons in every struggle. Every obstacle and that lesson is simple; trust Him.

I'm learning. I'm growing. I'm a child of God.

Xo Xo & Stuff,


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