The Bio

Born and raised in metro Detroit, Jinger had a pretty average upbringing. Like most kids she went to Tiger's games, ran track for her high school and fought with her sisters. Throughout her youth she felt a pull to join the military, but followed the advice of others and went to college.

In the wake of the 2001 attacks, her desire to serve peaked. In 2003 Jinger joined the US Army Reserve, and as a result deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, to JTF-JDOG - GTMO.

While serving there Jinger met her husband Byron, who was stationed there with the US Navy. Jinger and Byron have three children together and currently live in Florida. Their service has introduced them to new friends, a variety of places and of course a specific way of processing and addressing situations that arise.

 Jinger has served her country as an administrative specialist as well as a Drill Sergeant. She has also volunteered to serve Navy families as a family readiness group leader and Navy Force and Command Family Ombudsman.

Her combination of uniformed service and civilian voluntary service offers a unique perspective on military life (and life in general). Her direct communication style and humorous insight often break through the barriers surrounding difficult subject matter; so people can move past hurdles and address the heart of an issue.

Beyond all of that, Jinger is most happy as a wife and mother. She and Byron have three beautiful and hilarious kids who keep them on their toes. Children have a way of making everything new again - while pushing us to be our absolute best.

  • be honest with your kids (even when you are wrong)
  • be the example they need
  • turn their dreams into attainable goals
  • love them for who they are not who you think they should be 

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