The Catalyst

First of all if you're thinking: "What the hell is a Pinch of Jinger" (rhymes with Finger) you're reading it wrong. Its Ginger with a J... makes more sense now doesn't it? Great let's get on with my brilliant babbling.

Army Veteran. Navy Wife. Mom of 3. City girl putting down roots in the country... Yep. That sums me up right? Well, in a way yeah, it does.

I've been contemplating what to write for this page for a very very long few minutes. I put alot of thought into the first however many words that sentence was - then I realized something. I don't have time for that, nor do I have the desire to think about "what would be best" to "make an impression" on perfect strangers. Well I don't know if you're perfect but I'm sure you're strange.

Why should I? Does anyone really want to read overly contrived, hyper contemplated.... intellectually analyzed, obscenely edited inner thoughts? Hell no. If we wanted to do that we'd go to the library and read a book. Wait, do people even do that anymore? Scratch that we'd go to the library and read a book. We'd download something and read it on our tablets or e-readers or whatever...

So there I was... sitting at a bar with my friend Suzanne (Hey GIRL!! You know she's gonna read this cause I'm gonna tell her I wrote about her), and we were discussing the lack of humor and realism for our demographic (Military Spouses). Everyone is so busy toeing the line or trying to "be nice" that they forget to be real. There's also the set that believe THEIR experience is OUR experience. Not true. While we live under similar circumstances - person we love goes away for the country we love and we hope they return so we can love them some more - we do not actually live the SAME life. To be honest being catered to gets really old, we want speakers/ authors who can make us laugh at the harsh realities we live... and so an idea was born.

Suzanne said, "you should write a blog"... I resisted. I'm slightly inconsistent and thanks to my beautiful minion babies my ability to focus on a project for more than 15 seconds is nonexistent. I like a challenge. So here we are. Now let me tell you why I'm cooler than everyone else.

I've always been known as "that friend", the one who's so brutally honest you have to be careful which questions you ask. I'm not known for editing my thoughts, and as you can see from my use of "..." and "-" I don't care much for grammatical rules. ((If that's a thing for you, you're not gonna want to click the little follow button cause this will not improve with time.)) I'm a tell it like it is, make fun of myself (and you if needed) loud mouth. I'm opinionated and not afraid to share those opinions. The good thing is - I care about people. I want to see others succeed. I desire to find the best in people or situations (unless you're an A-hole then well I don't really care). What does that lead to? A person you can turn to for a funny dose of realism in a world of sugary sweet politically correct fantasy.

So what's the point? I've had a colorful past. I've made mistakes (partying, bad boyfriends), I've made some great choices (growing up, joining the Army, the MAN I married)... and I'm willing to share my story, so you can see you're not alone. We are not the same, but we share a path. I will not do things for you, but I can show you what worked for me (even better I'll share what failed and the hysterical results).

Interested? Awesome. Annoyed? Even Better.

So, the next time you want a riveting look at life you should check out some other blog - but when you're looking for the person who's laughing at them self while growing stronger come on back and check out my horrendous grammar/punctuation.

XO XO and Stuff,



  1. It is very nice to see that you and your beautiful family are doing well. You happened to cross my mind and I searched you and came across your blog (which by the way it's awesome). Nice to see you happy:) Take care!!! - Beth

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