The cup My Father has given me

The cup My Father has given me

"...shall I not drink the cup My Father has given Me?" John 18:11

Judas has betrayed Jesus, and Peter draws his sword to defend his teacher from the soldiers there to take Him. Jesus responds by telling Peter to put the sword away - and asks him "shall I not drink the cup My Father has given Me?"

Jesus is asking a very simple yet compelling question: Should I be obedient? Should I do as my FATHER - the God of the universe has put me here to do? Powerful, miraculous, King of kings, Lord or lords, Prince of Peace - Son of God. He always knew what was coming. From the dawn of creation He knew. He knew the torment, the shame, the weight of the purpose God had for His human life. He knew, He obeyed.

Have you ever asked God to change your circumstances? Fought against the hardship before you with everything you have? I have. 100% - more times than I can count. I've fought against the trauma of my past, financial hardships in my present, health and family issues. So often I fought against what was happening, never asking God to reveal His purpose or my part in the situation.

Oh that I could be more like Jesus.

Jesus poured out His heart to God in the garden. Asking the Father if there was ANY WAY to take this burden from Him, but knowing the truth He submitted to and obeyed the will of God (Matthew 26:39, 42).

Heavenly Father,

Forgive me for my pride and my demanding heart. Always asking you to take trials from me, and neglecting to see that all things are working for my good and Your glory. Open my eyes, Lord. Soften my heart. Strengthen my spirit. Draw me closer to you, and give me wisdom to see and do Your will. Help me to obey even when the world is pushing you farther and farther away. My faith and trust are in you Jesus. Amen.

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