Before we get into the details and background of our brand, we must first acknowledge our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. We know that God created each of us with unique skills and talents. It is our belief that these talents were given to us to steward for His glory.

It is a blessing to wake up each day with breath in our lungs, and the eternal Hope of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection redeeming us to Almighty God.

Our Values:
Place God first in all things.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Be impeccable with your words and deeds.

Pinch of Jinger is a dream come true for owner and designer, Jinger Brinkley. After years of development and hope this project is finally a reality.

Here you will find items that speak to your heart, and share joy with those around you. Jinger designs for people like her. Her style is simple and to the point, with a pinch of fun to keep things interesting.

Check back often, and please don't hesitate to request something you'd like to see.